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Just Call Me F7

 By Ruthie Wrigglesworth


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       I stared at the limp, still figure, feeling worse by the second. That figure was my best friend in the entire world. That was the girl who was there for me whenever I needed her. She had been there after the accident that had took my father's life. She had been there in those terrifying 3 months when my twin brother had been missing. She had always been there. Then, when she really needed me, I hadn't even noticed.How could I not realize Taylor suffered from depression? It's because she hid it. She didn't want you to know, I thought.

          Fresh tears sprung from my eyes. "Taylor, come on!" I yelled angrily. "You have to wake up! You have to be okay! Tay, you're only 12 years old! You aren't old enough to die!" I yelled at the still figure. I licked at the salty tears running down my face.

          "Jamie?" A male voice came from behind me. I spun around. A doctor was standing there, next to Taylor's father. I looked at Mr. Kelso's face. He had been crying.

          I turned to the doctor. "She'll be okay, right?" I whispered. He sadly shook his head. " Miss Kelso took way too many pills. Her organs couldn't take it. I'm so sorry, Miss Edwards. It looks like she won't make it. I'm so sorry, honey." The doctor had a sadness in his eyes that I know I will never forget.

          I looked at him. Stared him down. Then I ran. Ran right out of the hospital. Ran untill I was at the bridge. I leaned over the ledge, and let the burning tears drip into the river. "No!" I screamed. "God, not her, too. Please...not Taylor." I cried with more passion than I had in a year, since my father died. Only this was worse, because then Taylor had been there to console me. I shook my head, knowing the pain was returning. I shook horribly. Then I felt it. Taylor's presence. It filled through me like a warm liquid. And for a moment, everything froze. The birds stopped chirping, the river stopped flowing, the wind stopped blowing. Suddenly, as quickly as it had come, the happiness that had always signaled Taylor was gone, leaving me with the pain. I screamed.

          Three days later, I rolled over in my bed. Why had I slept in my clothes? Then I remembered. Taylor was dead. My best friend was gone. Now I had to face her funeral.

          I heard a knock on my door. I didn't respond. My mother walked in. "Come on, honey." She said in the same voice she uses on the first day of school to prod me out of bed. When I ignored her, she pulled me out of bed, dressed me in that horrible dress that I only wear when someone dies and dragged me to the bathroom. She rubbed a cold wet cloth over my face, and slowly, I began to respond.

           "Mommy," I moaned. "Please don't make me go."  You don't have to, sweetie. But I think Taylor would have wanted you to." Well, that got me up, all right. I walked in a daze to the car and climbed in the backseat. Someone reached for my hand. I turned to see my twin brother, Jimmy. He looked sad. "It'll be okay, Jamie. You can do this." He whispered gently to me. I stared at him. Jimmy never talked like that. Then my eyes focused for the first time that day. "Jimmy!"  I murmured. "Your hair." He nodded and patted his hair, which, for the first time in his life, had been slicked down, instead of sticking straight up. He patted my hand.

          The next thing I knew, we were pulling up to the funeral home. "I don't want to go in." I said suddenly. "Jasmine Nicole Edwards! You will go in there and you will make it through this!" My mother exclaimed. I jumped out, because my mother never calls me Jasmine. I spent the next few minutes in a daze, greeting people, shaking hands, and shedding tears. Eventually things settled down, and people started to pay their respects. After awhile, I knew I had to too. So I walked up to the coffin, and whispered everything to my best friend. For the last time, I would look at that long beautiful that I had always admired so much. For the last time I was seeing her pretty tanned face, already starting to pale. " Taylor."  I murmured. "I'm so sorry. I should have been there for you." I felt a arm wrap around me. I turned to see Jimmy, gazing at me sadly. "I'm so sorry, Jamie. I can't even imagine what you must be going through right now."

          Then the minister walked to the front of the room. Jimmy silently led me back to my seat. The minister walked over to the cassette player and turned it on. "You Are My Sunshine" floated out. I wiped tears from my eyes. That had been Taylor's favorite song. "Now, I would like to fulfill Taylor Kelso's one request for her funeral. She asked that her best friend speak at her funeral. So will Jasmine Edwards please step forward?"  I wiped tears from my eyes. Good thing I had decided to come. Then Jimmy gently pushed me forward. He took my arm and led me to the minister.

          I stared at the people sitting in front of me, all with tear-stained faces. Then I began to speak. "Taylor Kelso was full of life and happiness. She brought joy to everyone that knew her. She had the amazing ability to make someone happy at the worst of times. She just had a glow. She-" I choked back a sob. "She was a ray of sunshine. Our sunshine. She planted a seed of happiness in each of our hearts and minds. So I would like for all of us to take a moment to remember her. To mourn and grieve Taylor Elizabeth Kelso. Let's take a moment to remember the day that our sunshine died."

          And in the silence that followed, the sunshine filtered into the room. I once again felt Taylor's presence. I bowed my head, felt her warmth wash over me, and knew that my friend had been laid to rest.

Won Best of Show in the Short Story Division at the 2003 Calhoun County 4H Fair!