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Just Call Me F7
Sequel to the Latest Warning!

The sequel to the latest "Don't Go There" Warning!


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Hey! We're the guys who has a friend who knows a guy who works in the mailroom of the CIA that buys from another guy who works in the mailroom of the CIA who has a friend that gets his shoes shined by a guy who knows a hot dog vender that sells hot dogs to a man with a wife who knows a man with a brother with a sister who is dating a cousin that has a friend with a friend.

And we wanted to correct the rumor that has leaked and been grossly misinterpreted.

This is the original message:

In the bathroom of a mailroom building with a shoe shiner outside, a CIA reporter overheard two guys who had taken drugs bought from a man with a hot dog longer than the man with a friend who is dating an alligator's sister who ate a guy with a friend with the intelligence not to crap in the toilet that is not working on the 28th of this month.

Don't you believe it!

Signed -- an organized group of alligators planning to rise up into unsuspecting Americans' toilet bowls on the 28th of this month.

With special thanks to The Hermit! Love ya, Dude!!!