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Just Call Me F7

Welcome to Lyn's Personal Pages.

"Save the Earth. It's the only planet that has chocolate."

My mom is the bomb. She found a bunch of old photos--- and I do mean old! We went to the library and I scanned them and uploaded them to my Flickr account. Now to get hold of various relatives and see if anyone can identify some of the photos. There is one with about thirty women; we know my grandmother, her mother, her sister, and her grandmother, but the rest are unknown. Taking a wild guess that it was a special family reunion, though, because my grandma and her mom are wearing matching dresses. And my grandma only wore a dress two other times in her life; once for grandpa’s retirement party, and once for her father’s funeral. So I can guarantee that it was SOME special event!


Have been working on some of my crochet projects; overdid it yesterday and today so am paying for it with very sore and tired hands. Makes the typing a bit slower (not that it CAN be much slower…). But I got my purple project bag done, the red one for my neighbor done, the red one for my friend Joanne done, and the autumnal-colored smaller bag done for my mommy. Even got photos, this time! The film is at the store awaiting developing, should be back by Wednesday but then I have to get to Coldwater and have $$$$ at the same time. One or the other I can usually do; it’s the simultaneous activity that throws me off. Hopefully the photos will turn out, since it turns out that my batteries finally died. They do last a long time…. But not forever!


George goes in Thursday to have cataract surgery. Hopefully he will be able to see better afterward, and able to read again. Next step is to get him a hearing aid, so he can stop YELLING BECAUSE HE CAN’T HEAR HIMSELF OR ANYONE ELSE! Not that I am complaining… there are times that his hearing is perfect, usually when you don’t want him to hear you. But the majority of the time, he mishears you just enough to get a good fight going. And of course, he swears that he heard you right. One of my favorite quotes comes to mind: I know you think you understand what I’m saying, but I don’t believe that what you heard is the same as what I said. Or something like that; used to have it on a card somewhere. Now that card is in A Safe Place.


Updated my Myspace profile a bit, check it out. Gotta get home and read the Charlaine Harris novel that the library got for me. And all the other ones in the stack! Easier on the fingers than crocheting, but at least with the crocheting I can watch TV or movies while I work, the kinetic memory works while the brain vegs out on brain-numbing Hypno-gourd activity (if you don’t follow that reference, then go and read anything Xanth by Piers Anthony!).


Since I am so terrible at keeping this site updated now, feel free to check out my blog at

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