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Just Call Me F7

Once upon a midday dreary,
As I pondered weak and weary,
Waiting for my turn upon the ‘Net
Quietly there came a tapping,
Click-clack-click the mouse quit napping
As the tapping of the keyboard continued on
                                                          And on
                                                  And on
                                       And on
                                 And on
                           And on
Patiently I sat waiting, glancing o’er books and magazines galore,
Waiting for any computer to open;
Sitting and waiting forevermore.
Will these kids e’er log off I pondered?
How does the hour drag so slow, I wondered.
Will I ever surf the ‘Net?
Quoth the Raven: Don’t hold your breath…

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Fantasy Rendezvous...

A dream, by any other dream, would still be another dream. Wake up!!!!

by Lyn McRae

Living in your fantasy world of reality,
You never notice me,
In my real world of fantasy;
Dreaming dreams that may never come true,
Dreams of you
In a Fantasy Rendezvous.

You don't realize that dreams can be real,
You don't understand the emotions I feel;
You can't see the beauty of a summer sunrise,
You won't even try to see through my eyes...

Won't you look at what you miss,
When you close your heart to the bliss?
Our worlds aren't so far apart,
Isn't there room for love in your heart?

~Dreaming dreams that may yet come true,
Dreams of you,
And a Fantasy Rendezvous...~